Snow Bunny’s 2nd Anniversary!

Today we celebrated Snow’s second year living with us.   We adopted her on May 24th, 2014 just four months after Rory’s passing.  Hunny Bunny was very lonely and after a few meet and greets with other rabbits she actually took a liking to Ezio. Things were going fine for about a month until  I let Hunny and Ezio into our second bedroom and they started fighting again!  So to get them re-bonded we took them back to Save-A-Bunny in Mill Valley and left them there for a week.   After that week was up and we went to retrieve them we learned part of the bonding therapy used was introducing a third rabbit.  And that is how we ended up with three bunnies!



Snow came from a horrible animal hoarding situation.  We believe she may have been in a house with as many as FORTY rabbits!   We believe she was close to two years old when we adopted her.  She was scrawny and her fur was covered with urine stains.   Now she is happy and little chubby with a wonderful soft and plush coat!


We also think that  man must have traumatized her and some of the other rabbits she was rescued with.   From the first day we met her she was sweet but it was obvious she felt safer dealing with human females.   It’s taken two years now, but I think she is really starting to trust me.

I spend a lot of time on the floor with the bunnies and I highly recommend any first time rabbit owners to do the same.  You are smaller in their eyes and therefore less of a threat.  It helps get to know them.  Snow now plays rabbit games with me like hopping behind me, bopping me with her nose which tickles, and then hopping away so she can’t be seen.    Sometimes when I lie on my stomach she will hop up and sit on my back.  It’s awesome – 5.5 lbs is the perfect weight for a great massage!  I’m certain she thinks it’s funny.



We know she feels safe here.   This makes us feel good. When she’s happy she will run around, jumping,  binkying and shaking her head.   She takes really deep naps and for a prey animal to do that means she feels safe. Occasionally she will nap in a litter box after it is cleaned.   She basically has one habit we’re trying to break her out of but we may never be able to.  She gets really aggressive when their supply of hay runs low.  She will aggressively chase Hunny away from what little food is in the litter box. Strangely she loves covering herself in hay when I feed them.


Otherwise there isn’t anything to complain about.  She’s a sweet girl and for the most part doesn’t cause trouble.  Every week she tries or does something new. Especially when she is trying to communicate with us.








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