Happy 3rd Anniversary to Snow Bunny!

Time certainly flies. Three years ago today we brought home Snow Bunny from Save-A-Bunny in Mill Valley, California.

Snow¬†came from a hoarding situation where it is rumored that there may have been 40 rabbits running around in some crazy person’s house. She was a scrawny, and her coat was coarse and covered in urine stains (bullying from other rabbits). She was very timid and shy as well, but now she is a very friendly outgoing rabbit. She loves to eat and is now a very strong, little bit chubby pretty bunny with a very soft and plush coat of fur.

She knows she is safe here and loved. She loves to take long naps! Snow Bunny likes to hop up on boxes and sit in front of the tv screen especially when I’m playing video games!


Snow Bunny is strong and healthy so we expect her to be around celebrate anniversaries for many years to come.

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