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Hunny may be a Polish rabbit (we’re not sure – but she has all of the features of a Polish rabbit). She enjoys playing with drapes and curtains.  She also enjoys digging and rearranging the towels in the castle. She’s our resident “Princess Bunny” – a  sweet but often tempermental girl.  Occasionally she bites.  Hunny is Sid’s financial advisor.    “The Little Widow” has become a very sweet rabbit who now finds herself with new friends in our warren.
Ezio Auditore di San Francisco
Adopted in spring of 2014 to be a new friend and companion to Hunny.    He is a Holland lop with wonderful “airplane” ears.  In addition to being our new Big Funny Bunny, Ezio is  Sid’s new legal advisor – a post that was handled admirably by Rory.




Rory is my friend.
Rory  2005 – 2014
Rory was a Standard Chinchilla rabbit.   He’s was a very big friendly bunny, and enjoyed  exploring the house, impressing us by running laps around the living room at high speeds, grooming Sid, and climbing  up  furniture.  He served as Sid’s legal advisor.   He filled our home with  joy and affection.   He will never be forgotten.
Snow Bunny
is the youngest and newest member of our warren.   She was rescued from a hoarding situation and is still learning the rules of the house.  She is a sweet little girl, however, and we are happy to have her in our family.  She doesn’t have a title yet.



Siddhartha is an illustrator who works as an artist in the video game industry. He’s also a guitarist & composer, bartender, former karaoke emcee and  was a web designer  for 10 years.

Visit his website: Mr. Sid’s Lounge.


Kristen is a ballet teacher and substitute teacher (grades K-5). She’s also a founding member of the modern dance company Element Dance Theater.

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