Snow’s First Anniversary


Last year in May Hunny Bunny joined our warren.   Ezio had been living with us for about 2 months  when I made a grave mistake and allowed Ezio & Hunny to accompany me to the “office” (the 2nd bedroom). While I was working on my computer, Hunny and Ezio starting fighting over territory.  After a few week of bonding work I somehow wiped it all out in ten minutes!  So we ended up calling and doing business again with Mill Valley’s own Save A Bunny shelter.


Save A Bunny recommended that we leave Hunny & Ezio there to be re-bonded.   We were told sometimes the solution is to introduce a 3rd rabbit.     They tried placing several different rabbits into the pen with our two troublemakers  to see who might be a good fit.  Eventually we were introduced to a white New Zealand Dwarf female that was maybe a year or so old at best.  She came from a hoarding situation with some crazy lady with a minimum of 30 rabbits  (possibly as many as 40) running about her home.   Snow was a scrawny little rabbit and her white fur was covered in yellow urine stains.   (Wild unspayed females sometimes spray urine on other females to show dominance.)      When she was brought out to us she was placed in my lap and she climbed up to my shoulder. I held her but she tried to climb onto my head until Marcie at Save A Bunny took her and placed her into the pen with Hunny & Ezio.


A week later we brought all 3 bunnies back home.   It’s been  a slow process but we’ve seen Hunny change for the better.  She now enjoys hopping around our flat and now understands that she doesn’t have to be crowded.  Sometimes she wants to sit with the others and sometimes she doesn’t.  She’s now got plenty of wide open space.


She was very aggressive when food was involved, but over the last 12 months she has mellowed out and perhaps understands that everyone gets fed and treated equally in our warren.   She now weighs 5 pounds and is no longer that scrawny little rabbit.  She is strong, muscular and lean with a beautiful pure white, plush short coat.  No longer is she covered in pee stains.  She is beautiful!




Snow has found a big sister in Hunny Bunny.  She will often follow Hunny and copy her behavior.   Sometimes Hunny gets annoyed and they wont get along so well.  Fifteen minutes later they may be back to normal: cuddling and grooming each other.


It has certainly been an interesting year with Snow living with us.  She’s slowly transformed from a wild almost feral  creature to a very inquisitive and clever rabbit.   She’s even developing her own sense of humor.   We’re so happy Snow lives with us!








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