Ezio’s Second Anniversary!


Happy anniversary to us and Mr.  Ezio Auditore da San Francisco.   It’s hard to believe 2 years has gone by so quickly.  In that time he has become a 5 pound- fuzzy BOSS who is living in a state of near bliss.  He’s got it all: 2 pretty girls to chase around and cuddle with, 2 humans who pretty much spoil them, yummy snacks and a fair amount of freedom.

He’s even somewhat taken over Rory’s role as rabbit ambassador when people visit our place.  Just like Rory – he no longer fears the vacuum cleaner.  He will even stretch out and lie on the floor – fully relaxed, and make us vacuum around him!

The funniest thing about him is that he buzzes when he is happy. My first rabbit George would do this occasionally.  Ezio does that whenever he is in a good mood and that is most of the time!

photo_25198097975_o photo_24894701509_o photo_24635585823_o photo_24313181402_o photo_24132270872_o just-hanging-out-with-hunny-and-ezio-still-trying-to-grab-a-pic-with-all-3-rabbits-at-the-same-time_23092017160_o img_20160225_105742_25166403421_o img_20160225_005401_25250556215_o img_20160211_164454_24873970281_o img_20160208_004750_24263031164_o img_20160204_184911_24196415704_o img_20160129_145502_24670193946_o img_20151231_144828_23724762139_o img_20151221_153806_23268063664_o img_20151218_185846_23542321750_o img_20151128_195647_22757569294_o img_20151128_194446_23277337572_o

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